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Sunday, February 12, 2006

podcast no 9 - the kitchen podcast

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A bit echoey today, as I recorded my parts at the kitchen table.

Todays music:

Poor Bailey - Time Well Wasted
(The link didn't work just now, but I have been to their website in the past, so I hope it's a temporary thing)

Raising Miss June - 17

Tragic Shellsuit Disaster
- Chasing Time
Dave Kenny from TSD has just e-mailed me to say he's in Edinburgh. Sorry Dave!

Caplyn - The Revolution Will Come
(If anyone knows a working website link for Caplyn, please let me know)

Soundbed music by Cagey House

The Three From Leith showcase gig is on 14 April 2006

Thanks to Molly from Omaha and Richard from downstairs for audio comment.

Some of today's music was sourced on the podsafe misic network music.podshow.com



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