electrical language (podcast)

Saturday, November 04, 2006

podcast no 46 - all because the podcaster loves milk tray

play podcast no 46 - 30:00 minutes (right-click then save as to download)

Music played:

Kesseny - Simogenjo. Kesseny are from Cornwall (the name means harmony). They make excellent ambient music, and will accept commissions ...

Stereomovers - Ozean (buy their excellent ep from iTunes). Stereomovers are from Montreal. Great band!

The Twisted Melons - Panic.

Jette-Ives - In The Presence Of ... and Ultimately, Darling. Dark, brooding but melodic music. Jette-Ives are not far off fitting a composite of the perfect electrical language band. It's the combination of electronica, alluring female vocal, intelligience in vocals, lyrics and music ... Anyway, they've got an album out in January. I want a copy.

Milk Tray
- nice, but not as nice as Neuhaus cinnamon-pear truffles!

Soundbed music by Erotix courtesy of the podsafe music network; the title music is by Tragic Shell Suit Disaster.



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