Should You Get MAD Mouthpieces or TSD

CPAP DeviceIf your snoring is causing your love ones precious sleep, you should consider getting something to take care of that. Two options that you might come across are the MAD (Mandibular Advancement Device) or the TSD (Tongue Stabilizing Device), both are mouthpieces designed to stop you from snoring at night but use different ways to work.  Here we will talk about the pros and cons of both mouthpieces, as each design works using different ways to stop your snoring , one could find one more comfortable than the other. Let us explore the differences of the two and maybe by reading this you will be able to choose the right one for you.


Let’s start with the Mandibular Advancement Device or MAD. The device works by keeping your lower jaw in place, depending on the design of each MAD mouthpiece this can be by putting your jaw in the forward position or just in place. In doing this your lower jaw will not slide backwards and cause your throat to narrow or block, this is one of the causes of snoring. For most people this completely takes care of their snoring eliminating any noise completely, for some though it just reduces it to bearable levels.

A few cons of the device is that you cannot use it if you have any kind of loose teeth or Temporomadibular Joint Disorder, as this could worsen your condition. Another con to this is that they are custom fit, so you need to a dentist or orthodontist,  not to mention they tend to not last as long as TSD and will need to refitted or a new one has to be made.

A few the pros of MAD are that there are a lot of manufacturers and a variety of options to pick from, as well as they are typically cheaper than TSD mouthpiece for snoring.

Now, TSD or Tongue Stabilizing Devices explains its method in its name. Snoring is often caused by a blockage in the throat where if wind passes through it while you sleep, the loose parts vibrate and causes that familiar snoring sound. What TSD does is se your tongue in a position where the throat won’t close up. There are less producers of this mouth piece compared to MAD, it is unknown why as this is the more popular of the two, but it is speculated that it is due to the patents of TSD mouthpieces.

The cons of TSD are the following, you cannot use them if You have a hard time breathing through your nose when you normally sleep, breath mainly through your mouth when you normally sleep,  suffer from severe sleep apnea.  This is mainly due to the design of the Mouthpiece.

The pros are the following: It is more comfortable to use compared to MAD, it lasts longer than MAD, It is generally one size fits all, you can wear it even if you have dentures or anything similar.

The two mouth pieces works in different ways, but it basically gives the same end result. Unless if you are suffering from one or two conditions that restricts you to using only one of these mouthpiece types, depending on which one you prefer and feel more comfortable using, you can choose any of these and have satisfactory results.