What Causes Snoring and What’s the Best Way to Stop It

guy is snoring

Most of us consider sleeping as one of the easiest and effortless activities that we can do. You just need to find a comfortable spot to lay and you’re good to go. While other people find sleeping as an easy task, some can consider it as a burden, most especially for individuals who experiences snoring.

Snoring is the action caused by the vibrating tissues located within the airways of the throat and nose. The vibration or movement caused by snoring offers turbulent airflow that produces the sound.

What Causes Snoring?

About 45 % of normal adult experiences snoring, yet, most of us are unaware with regards the real causes why we snore. To tell you frankly, there are many factors that can cause or aggravate snoring. It includes the structure of your mouth, alcohol consumption, allergies, sleeping position, and weight.

  • Structure of the mouth affects snoring

Having a low and thick soft palate can aid in narrowing the airway, as a result, the air that passes can produce louder sounds than usual. Most of the people who gained excess weight can experience having extra tissues in the back portion of their throat. This is one of the main reasons why gaining weight can cause snoring.

  • Consuming alcoholic beverages a few hours before sleeping

Researchers suggest that the ingredients found in alcoholic beverages and sedatives can aggravate and worsen the effects of snoring. The ingredients of alcoholic beverages can relax the muscles in the throat. However, it results to the weakened defense of the muscles in the throat against airway obstruction. It is best to avoid drinking alcoholic beverages or taking sedatives in order to help the throat muscles to have a strong defense even while your body and mind is at rest.

  • Sleep position can make or break a good night sleep

If your sleeping position requires you to lay on your back, the soft palate has the tendency to push backward making it more difficult for you to breathe without snoring. The soft palate can block off the airway causing the vibrations to produce louder sounds or snores.

What’s the Best Way to Stop Snoring?

normal-snoring-osaIf you’ve been snoring for quite some time and you haven’t found the perfect treatment to stop, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Snoring is a common problem and luckily, you don’t have to undergo special treatment or medication to stop it. Snoring can be best beat by practicing quick and simple ways such as changing your sleep position, losing the extra weight, and getting an ample amount of sleep, and staying hydrated all throughout the day.

  • Change your sleep position

Just like what has mentioned above, the sleep position can aggravate or mitigate snoring. So, it is highly advisable for you to find the sleeping position that is comfortable enough not to allow you to snore.

  • Get a good and complete amount of sleep

To get the most out of the benefits of sleeping every night, make sure that you will get at least six hours of sleep. In this manner, you will not only regain your energy but it will also help to guarantee that you will not snore and disturb your roommates too.